Meet the Crew Behind the Door

Our Mission

We strive to always make top-quality content. Whether it’s a commercial for your up-and-coming business or the perfect traditional wedding set-up, every day will be a special day with Garage Door Films.

Our Vision

We build upon our skills and establish platforms that help others develop their own talents in a world full of constantly changing technology and media.


Reaching the top never comes easy. Garage Door Films is here to start you off right and help build up everything you’ve already got.



If you need something done and you don’t have the tools to do it yourself, stop by our garage and we’ll fix it right up.

Andrew Boomer



Andrew has over 8 years of work in television and film. He earned a Bachelors in Cinematic Arts from Azusa Pacific University. He has directed the shorts: “Law Breakers Dozen,” and“Night Swim” and was the sound engineer and Foley artists for the award winning film “Mama’s Boy.”  His current project is a feature-length film titled: Kin of Sin

Eric Parra


Writer/Web Designer

Eric is a graduate of the USC Cinematic Arts Division of Writing for Screen and Television.  Eric worked in pre-production and as a script reader for Dark Horse Entertainment. He was an Executive Producer for Trojan Vision Broadcasting, and worked for Disney in Southern California. His current project is a feature length film titled: Kin of Sin.

Victor Arenas


Daniel Gilmartin

Project Manager

Lucas Acosta


Kyle Nagy

1st Camera Assistant

Kemion Kahlert

Production Designer

Andrew Muniz

Music Composer

Marijan Rudela

Gaffer / AV Technician

Brittany Moody

Professional Make-up Artist

Brayhan Navas

Sound Designer / Composer

Luis Bonilla

Costume Designer

Mike Pero


Forrest Orta

Production Coordinator