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Kin of Sin Sneak Peek

An early trailer for our upcoming horror film: Kin of Sin

Editor: Andrew Boomer

Kin of Sin Trailer

Promotion for the upcoming feature film: Kin of Sin. 

Originally screened at Midsummer Scream

Directed by: Andrew Boomer

Cinematography by: Lucas Acosta

Wedding Highlights

Edited Highlight Reel and Reception from the

Evangelista Wedding Ceremony 

Videographer and Editor: Andrew Boomer

Sundowners Promo

Promotional video for Sundowners Family Restaurant

Edited by: Andrew Boomer

Champion Training Academy

Promotion video for “Champion Training Academy Christmas Football Combine.” 

Cinematography by: Kyle Nagy

Edited by: Andrew Boomer

Night Swim Teaser

A teaser trailer for the anticipated short: Night Swim.

Directed by: Andrew Boomer

Special Effects by: Lucas Acosta